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    Set Objectives: and measure results

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    Your Digital Strategy: Let’s Figure It Out Together

Consistent Communications

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So you’ve had an enthusiastic start, publishing news articles and getting posts and tweets out regularly.  Then you miss a week, and another, and then you post something on Facebook….but now the email newsletter is on delay.  Sound familiar? There are a couple of challenges that need to be addressed so your business can successfully deploy […] Read more…

Stop Selling and Start Helping

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The key point of difference in content marketing is the focus on providing valuable helpful information, without any immediate offer being presented. The mind shift here is to focus on serving your customers and prospects, by giving them loads of tips, advice and guides – rather than this is where content marketing is different Read more…

Are You An Expert?

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If you have detailed knowledge, developed over years of working experience – then that is an asset as you develop content to promote your business.  Sharing your knowledge is an incredibly valuable way to communicate with customers and prospects. Having knowledge and experience in itself is not enough, you must have the ability to communicate, and an ongoing […] Read more…