Consistent Communications

So you’ve had an enthusiastic start, publishing news articles and getting posts and tweets out regularly.  Then you miss a week, and another, and then you post something on Facebook….but now the email newsletter is on delay.  Sound familiar?

There are a couple of challenges that need to be addressed so your business can successfully deploy a content marketing strategy.


  • Do you have a marketing team member that has content creation as part of their PD?
  • Have your product and sales managers been briefed on the importance of communications to your marketing strategy? If so, are they on board and providing stories and photos to your marketing team?


  • Does your marketing team have time set aside each week to write and create content, or are they being asked to do this in between all the other demanding parts of their role?
  • Do you discuss the upcoming scheduled content as part of your weekly meetings?

Planned Content

Planning the topics you cover, and the frequency and channels you post on will greatly assist you in your content marketing.

For example, for an air conditioning business they may post across six topics only – weather, energy, products, home renovations, installation stories, and staff profiles.  Planning and scheduling content becomes much simpler when you are looking for stories that fit these categories.


The best way to get consistency back into your social media publishing is to get ahead of the game.  Set aside a solid day to write, design and post up to 50 posts across your channels.  Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite, Buffer or Meet Edgar to do this.


If you need a hand getting back on track, or if you would like to have a library of social media posts pre-written and scheduled for you, please get in touch with Alice here.

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