Your List + Newsletter

Your newsletter is your single best opportunity to develop your customer base. Unlike social media, the community you build through your “list” is your own to develop. We can:

  • Establish your systems: database setup, capture forms from your website and facebook
  • Build your database by importing from a spreadsheet, or from another system
  • Build customised templates for your newsletter and offers
  • Prepare written and visual content
  • Work directly with your sales team and product managers to prepare articles

Auto Responder Email Series

This is an automated series of messages, triggered by time or events, that provide a great opportunity to welcome a customer to your business, or to deliver tailored offers. We can:

  • Assess your email system’s functionality (not all eDM systems have this built in…)
  • Build a welcome series for new subscribers to your newsletter list
  • Build a series of customised sales emails to prospects
  • Design communications to reactivate customers

Social Media Posts

  • Prepare templates
  • Prepare your social media style guide, to assist with content preparation
  • Build a library of social media posts, so you have something ready to post
  • Coordinate photography and video production as needed

Landing Pages

These simple but well designed pages are designed to capture a potential customers details as soon as they click through to your site. We can:

  • Research and recommend the best plug-in or site to use
  • Install this (on WordPress sites) or work with your web dev to get it all setup
  • Develop the headline, body copy and opt-in teaser
  • Build multiple versions and run split testing to determine the optimal design
  • Make sure you are delivering quality communications to your subscribers

Content Planner

A content planner helps you to write content, maintain a consistent publishing schedule, and monitor your results. We can:

  • Setup a calendar of suggested post topics
  • Recommend and setup scheduling tools

Online Advertising

Targeted, measurable campaigns – what’s not to like? We can:

  • Refine your segmentation and targeting
  • Design and implement Google AdWords campaigns
  • Build and implement Facebook Advertising campaigns, both simple and complex
  • Provide daily monitoring and weekly reports


  • Prepare articles to support your website’s SEO strategy
  • Write news articles to keep your site content fresh
  • Work with your sales and product teams to prepare newsletter articles



Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help out with our broader marketing needs?

You’ll still need your in-house marketing team or your agency to work on your overall marketing mix.  We don’t do traditional advertising through press/radio/TV – nor do we get involved in PR.  We don’t work on events or expos, unless there is a specific digital marketing objective for that event.

We CAN assist with copywriting, and as we learn more about your brand and products through online engagement, we’ll make sure to feed these insights back in to your marketing team for strategy refinement and planning.

What are your rates

MKG Consulting runs two levels of hourly rate.  One is for workshops with your team + strategy development, the other is for “doing” – the more hands on work.

Consulting fees are $85/hr incl GST

Services fees are $65/hr incl GST

Can you build our website for us?

Yes, but we only build sites in WordPress, using published themes and plug-ins.  We can connect your site to your mailing database, and customise your capture form, but anything trickier than that we just don’t have the skills to deliver without a web pro.

So for more complex sites requiring custom development we can work with your web developer, as an advocate for your business, to ensure that the site design will deliver the right functionality for your digital marketing objectives.

If you don’t have a web developer then we can help out by contributing to your business requirements document, which will help you immensely when you are ready to get quotes and find the right provider for your needs.

Either way – once your site is in development, we can provide articles that are optimised for SEO, copy for landing pages, and general content for your about and profile content areas.

We can make small tweaks to your existing WordPress site to add digital tools with customisation to your branding.  More complex work should always be done by a web developer, to ensure everything is properly setup and your site is not at risk.